About Matthew

 Matthew  Riggins was born in Milan, Tennessee. His family moved several times  until finally settling in Fayetteville, Tennessee where Matthew was  raised. He is a graduate of Central High School in Fayetteville,  Tennessee and attended Vanderbilt University before transferring and  graduating from the University of Mississippi with a degree in biology and  chemistry. He attended graduate school as a PhD candidate in chemistry  at the University of Mississippi prior to enrolling as a student at St.  George's University School of Medicine in Grenada, West Indies. It was  during this time that he was fortunate enough to perform clinical work  in England where he met his wife Sara in 1985. He obtained his in the in  June 1986. A residency in family medicine through the East Tennessee  State University Kingsport program followed. Matthew and Sara were  married in April 1997 and upon completion of residency moved to  Pennsylvania for a while.   Returning to the Tri-Cities in 1991 Matt began  his duties as an emergency physician in  Kingsport Tennessee, a position which he holds to this day.

Matthew  learned a considerable amount from Sara prior to her passing about the horse industry and  has continued her legacy as owner of Hawley Farm Stables. In his spare  time he enjoys maintenance at the barn as well as woodworking and  working with computer systems. He will be retiring in the near future in  order to spend more time in these endeavors as well as spending time  with his partner, Melanie and son, Ian who is an agricultural manager in  training in the Eastern North Carolina area.