About Courtney

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Courtney  was born in Columbia, South Carolina. She moved here at the age of 7  and graduated Virginia Hgh before attending ETSU business school. It was  during this time that she met her future husband Benji, a graduate of  Sullivan East high school. He moved to California after enlisting with  the Marine Corps and Courtney followed shortly thereafter. They were  married in California in 2014. In November 2014 their daughter, Lucy,  was born.

Courtney  first began showing at the age of 8. She showed even while attending ET  issue. Her first horse Stormy was obtained during middle school. She  competed in the East Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association and accumulated  honors including year-end champion of Hunter and equitation two years  running. She also achieved the sportsman award and was a finalist in the  adult amateur metal category. Circumstances dictated her leaving the  competition world before she left for California. However while in  California she found that something was missing from her life. That  something was horses. She obtained her next horse, Nick, and he was the  love of her life as well as being the horse to which she attributes her  equestrian skills. She competed again winning several champion and  reserve champion awards. She was also fortunate in being able to attend  many clinics, one being given by Rob Gage, chief d'equip, of the  Venezuelan national team.

In  August 2016, Courtney, Benji and Lucy returned to the Tri-Cities area.  Courtney had obtained a position as adjunct instructor for beginner and  intermediate students at Virginia Intermont equestrian program. The  manager and instructor opportunity became available at Hawley Farm  Stables and Courtney began her career there on August 30, 2017 with Nick  following her. Nick was a valued member of the family until he passed  in 2018.

Courtney  enjoys introducing people of all ages to the joys of all that is  equine. She is quite skilled at teaching beginning riders to the more  advanced rider. In addition to riding skills she also familiarizes  people with all things equestrian. She looks forward to hearing from  you.