The barn consists of 12 stalls, two exterior stalls, four interior stalls and six interior stalls with corrals.  The area above each stall is open so there is adequate air circulation.  The central hallway is 16 ft. across allowing for adequate movement.  There is a sound system wired into the barn so you may listen to music while grooming your horse. Several local radio stations are tuned on the stereo. 




Each of our stalls is 12 ft. by 12 ft. All of our stalls have the Equiterr flooring system.  This unique system allows moisture to trickle down through the bedding keeping the stall drier and helps to reduce odors.  By staying drier, less bedding is used and mucking out takes much less time.  Six of our stalls have 12 ft. by 14 ft. turnouts with the remaining four being exclusively interior stalls.  Each turnout has fine gravel overlying a Geotek membrane. Each stall also has an automatic waterer manufactured by Equuspring.  The door of each stall has a blanket holder as well as two bridle holders.  A swing out door is utilized for feed and hay rack.

Wash racks


 The exterior wash rack has a nonskid floor mat over a concrete base and can be used year-round temperature permitting.  The interior wash rack has hot water available with a flooring drain system to minimize puddles.  Each has crossties for your horse. 

Horse boarding


 A locked and secured tack room is available with saddle rack and wall hanging bridle holder.  Helmets may be placed on or hung from the rack and there is a limited space for horse supplies, treats and grooming equipment. You may keep a reasonable amount of grooming supplies by the stall if you desire. Off-season blanket storage is available in a room on the loft with either hanging or boxed storage 

Utility Room


 Also on site is a toilet and shower in the utility area.  This area also has a deep sink that may be used for hand washing as well as cleaning of small items, for example, bits.  The utility area also has a small dorm room style refrigerator and microwave 

Riding Areas


 All boarders have access to a 60 ft. round pen in addition to the 100 ft. by 200 ft. arena.  The footing in each of these consists of a combination of soil, fine gravel and sand that is periodically groomed.  The arena also has ground poles, jumps to a height of 3'6" in addition to traffic cones and tires that may be utilized to train your horse to become familiar with different objects. Cavalettis are also available and may be placed at four different heights 



 We have approximately 15 acres of grazing which is separated into 5 fields.  The fencing consists of smooth high tension wire between these five fields.  There is a shared barbed wire fence partially between our farm and adjacent cattle farms but is insulated by an electrified fence to protect the horses from running into it.  All of the interior fences are made visible by fluorescent yellow fence tags to prevent the horses from running into them.  Watering in the fields is done automatically by Varnan field waters that are insulated to keep water cooled during the summer with minimal if any ice skimming during the winter.  Horses are rotated between pastures periodically to minimize damage to the pastures, a technique known as rotational grazing which helps to control intestinal parasites.  The fields are also chain harrowed and dragged periodically to control intestinal parasites by spreading muck.  

Poop Deck


 We also have a muck spreader so that we may recycle organic materials from the stalls; muck is spread on fields which are not being grazed. 



Our boarders come from all walks of life.  Some of them have rescued horses that they now ride.  We have several students from Emory and Henry College, a local nationally recognized and collegiate equestrian champion university.  One theme is common throughout all of our boarders; they all care deeply for their animals and enjoy our family atmosphere 

State Reserve Champion


We have also had a Tennessee 4H reserve state champion in Hunter Jumper